Sunday, February 24, 2013

Are Mixed-Gender High Schools the Reason for the Gender Gap?

New research from the University of California, Davis suggests that mixed-gender high schools "are at least partially to blame for the persistent gender gap in the salaries of men and women."It argues that males and females who go to set gender schools (all females or all males) they are more likely to go on to college and choose majors that are closely associated to higher paying jobs later on. They also found that females who attended schools that had a higher prevalence of females than males tended to go on to major in things that would lead to higher paying jobs; females who attended mixed-gender schools tended "to choose stereotypical majors that [would] likely lead to lower short-run earnings, lower long-run earnings and limited overall career potential." I find it interesting that this article focuses more heavily on the idea that males in schools are hurting females' performances later in life, but it only briefly mentions the idea that it could be the other way around. This follows along with what we talked about in class: how "gender" tends to stereotypically be a "female" thing to study, because it tends to focus more on them.;_ylt=AwrNUbAF8SpRNB8AS_DQtDMD

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