Monday, March 11, 2013

Educational Gender Gap in Afghanistan and the Impact of Razia Jan

If any of you have time, or are interested, check out the below link shown in today's Ath presentation on Razia Jan. Jan is the founder of "Ray of Hope," and the Zabuli Education Center, one of the first free private all-girls school in Afghanistan, where girls are provided education, support, communication skills, food, heat, clothing, and the like, when otherwise these opportunities (more like necessities) would not be feasible. Please take the time to read the attached story and watch the video, as the stories from some of the girls and from Razia herself are very moving. I strongly adhere to the notion that it is important to remind ourselves of the privileges we are granted, when education is something others die for. ("What Tomorrow Brings" is the clip that was shown in the Ath this morning and I highly suggest it) (The page talking about Razia Jan, a CNN Hero from 2012, and the exploration of this issue)

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